Usermame 62 (wiki account: Poloniumll) is a user who occasionally posts levels onto coloraze. I am currently at the 43rd place when it comes to high scores, and I somehow happen to know Muzik Bike :D in real life. (Polonium must be locked in a Level 4 security chamber and guarded by Class-B personnel at all times, and any failure to properly contain SCP-4992 will result in all Class-D personnel terminated and automated destruction of the facility.) I have been creating levels since 2013 but don't post frequently. I express interest in the following areas: maths, video games physics, females, English (my grammar is very important to me if you cannot tell) and biology is another one of my interests. There's a chance that I could have what's known as impostor syndrome, which is the belief that all your accomplishments are a sham and eventually people will realise. I consider myself a coloraze newb, but I probably think that way because of lack of practise. I used to be a grammar nazi, however, my tendencies only arise if your grammar is so bad that it can’t be understood, i.e. i liek vidio gaems instead of I like video games. I am looking forward to what the future brings, and I’m much more confident than I have ever been (I think), however, my self-esteem is at an all-time low. I’m not sure why I didn't capitalise my username. The origin of my name probably came from being so lazy to not even come with a unique username and I noticed that it said username so I tried typing that in; I don't think they allowed it, so I then thought of usermame. The 62 probably came to me like a new scientific discovery. The name usermame 62 was then born (thanks for solving that one, Captain Obvious)!

I have only made 30 levels so far. I have other interests and will not focus all my time and energy on Coloraze. Also, you'll notice that most of the time I make my levels possible or easy-ish, unlike another user I know (I'll be watching you, you demon). I do plan to make levels in my free time, however, I get engrossed in other things and I generally can't be bothered, I will make levels whenever I’m free to do what I want on a computer. My goal is to make at least one every week, there may be more; there may be less. But not you, nor myself for that matter can predict the future (successfully at least). And if you claim to, you're probably a loser that is high on magic mushrooms.

Remember to make contributions to this wiki and wreck Corny's and Ghosterfag's list o’ high scores!

Thanks for reading,

Usermame 62 ;)