Level Editor Glitch

Level Editor Glitch

A video showing the overlaping block glitch.

The Void is the name for all the empty black space around the level. If the wheel travels too far in the Void, it will burst, making it the only hazard except for spikes and the letter R. While in the Level Editor, blocks can be placed on top of each other in The Void, resulting in some strange things like caged spikes, nuke finishes, super keys and bouncy block spawn.

These strange blocks can be brought out by pressing Z and the arrow keys, fishing them out of the void and putting them on the edge of the map, where you can "move" them to where desired. Keep in mind you have to put them in situ.

Large chunks of empty space surrounded on one side only is treated as void when testing the level, even if that area is where you can place blocks.

If a portal is in the Void, a glitched portal's inside that resembles a butt will appear. (This only happens at the top and left sides, and will not remain when the level is published.) If the wheel teleports to this, it will be transported to who knows where and burst after a second due to the fact it teleports into the void, outside of the normal safe area.

Combining non-solid blocks - like portals - with Block Spawn is an easy way to make a single-use version.