The wheel is the in-game player. It can be controlled with the arrow keys. When the wheel falls too far in the Void, touches spikes, or if the player touches R, it bursts and the player has to start over.


The wheel in the select menu.

 If it touches a Color Switcher, it will change to the same color as it. If it hits a portal, it will teleport to the other one of the same color. If it hits a gravity switch, its gravity will change. If it hits a broken block from the top (if the gravity is down) or bottom (if the gravity is up), the lock will break. If it hits a key or collectible it will be collected. If it touches the finishing line the level will be completed, assuming all collectives have been obtained.

If it jumps while on a boost it will jump higher than normal, and if it falls onto a GEL it will bounce.

At Halloween 2011, the wheel turned into a pumpkin.

Falling from a distance will not damage the wheel, and nor will being trapped inside a block (however, being trapped inside solid blocks will stop the wheel from moving).

Only one wheel is allowed, trying to place multiple using the level editor will place nothing (except in the Coloraze Spectrum editor, where you can place as many wheels as desired). However, there is a way to create an extra wheel by using the Heavy glitch and checkpoints. In some glitched levels, it is possible to have multiple wheels or no wheels.